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Your website is the most important part of your internet presence and without a well built and organized website it is impossible to run an efficient internet marketing campaign. But there is more to a website than just the aesthetics. Behind your website is a complex system of code that has everything to do with the usability, ranking, efficiency, page loading time and many other important factors involving your website.

These are just a few various aspects of Web Design. (There are many more….)

Web Design: There are many variables that go into a good web design. To create the most user friendly end product, we have developed a series of proven techniques. Aarson Inc. specializes in building all types of websites from the small four page static informational site all the way up to the dynamic database driven eCommerce site.

Graphics: Aarson Inc. has a talented graphic design team ready to bring your vision to life. All of our graphics are created in house and will leave you with a completely custom designed website.

Forms: Forms are an essential part of any website because it lets your potential customers get in touch with you without feeling pressured. Forms are a powerful form of communication but can do more harm than good if not properly integrated into your site. Without client side validation and server side validation you could be the target of spam and hackers. All of our forms have been completely secured from hackers and spam robots to ensure the best performance and safety for your site.

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XHTML: (Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language) is the latest and the greatest Hyper Text Language out to date. Hyper Text makes up the base code for every website including your basic web page all the way up to an in depth database driven corporate site. It is very important to structure your core site correctly if you intend to be recognized by any search engines. All of this comes into play while developing the XHTML portion of your site.

CSS: (Cascading Style Sheets) allows designers to control the style of a site while minimizing the amount of code needed. Not only will CSS speed up page loading times, but if used correctly, will give any site a sleek state of the art design that can be changed or revised entirely from a separate CSS file. With the release of CSS 2.1, the bar has been raised to a new standard.

PHP: once stood for (Personal Home Page) but now more commonly referred to as (Hypertext Processor). PHP is a dynamic programming language used to make sites behave dynamically based upon a certain set of variables. Using PHP, you can perform tasks as basic as sending an email or as complex as processing a credit card payment through a secure gateway into merchant account.

MySQL: is a relational database management system and is the world’s most popular database system. MySQL is paired with dynamic languages such as PHP or ASP.NET to store data entered from a website or back end administration panel. It is a very reliable and secure system that can be backed up with ease.

JavaScript: is an object-oriented scripting language used to enable programmatic access to computational objects within a host environment. JavaScript is a great tool if used correctly. With JavaScript we can achieve tasks such as creating transparent .png’s in older browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 5.5 as well as utilizing Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to create dynamic web applications.

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