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Marketing on mobile devices has become an increasingly popular ever since the release of smart phones and SMS (Short Message Service). More businesses are expanding to this platform not only for informational services but Ecommerce as well.

Mobile Ecommerce

All of our eCommerce websites are fully functional on any smart phone browser application and can process transactions right from the phone. Everyday people are getting the latest mobile technology right to their phone introducing them to new possibilities on the web. Allow your customers to place orders on the go anywhere in the world.

SMS (Short Message Service)

It's a very simple concept. Promote your SMS capabilities on your website and other marketing materials to instruct your customers on how to get frequent updates and discounts right from their phone. All they will have to do is text “your keyword here” to “ex:05316” and they will receive a fast response with the details they requested. This is a great way to get customers involved and distribute coupon codes or discounts.

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