If you sell a product and either have a brick and mortar location or utilize internet sites such as eBay.com an eCommerce Solution is perfect for you. It will enable you to sell your product to the millions of people using the World Wide Web while managing your online store from a back end administration panel. Your store will be secure from hackers and encrypted with an SSL certificate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your site visitors will see the secure lock icon in the top of their browser when they enter the secure areas of your site.

Many people use the internet to shop as it is now the world’s largest marketplace. If you have a product line or sell products in your store it is easy to see the value in having an online store.

There are many options available for your eCommerce solution, some of which include:

Newsletter services

Email blasting

Automatic Birthday cards

Gift Certificates

Shipping Calculators

Multiple options for Merchant Services

Site Analytics

Customer Details

Easily upload and modify products and descriptions

Multiple categories and sub categories for products

WishList for your site

Advanced Reporting

After your site has been built and tested, we will spend as much time as you need training your personnel to use the interface and easily update and modify the product line and functionality of your site. Once you understand the features in your administration panel you will have full control over your products, payment modules, shipping modules, customer base, newsletters and many other features varied from site to site.

By combining the best design with the most intricate framework we will bring the most comprehensive and profitable eCommerce solution to any retail store or company with a product line.


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