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What is Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing can mean a variety of things. It is a powerful way to reach your customers and a great way to maximize your search engine optimization investment. Search engine marketing or SEM for short is most commonly known as pay per click. Using Google and Yahoo to rank in the sponsored areas of the search engine results pages or SERP’s will give you the ability to rank quickly and efficiently on the first page of most desired key phrases. Unlike SEO which is a long drawn out process to rank organically on the top, SEM can be started or stopped at any time. This gives you the ability to rank quickly for a current special you would like to run or get that initial boost of traffic while your SEO campaign is put in place.

What to Consider

One thing that many people overlook when getting involved with SEM is that most search engines (Google and Yahoo included) have an algorithm that ranks the sites not only on you cost per click or CPC bid, but also on the quality score of your website site. The quality score of your website is determined by many factors including keyword relevancy, ad title and description and even whether or not your site has a privacy policy.

How That Affects Me

With a low quality score, you could be paying double or triple what your competitors are paying and still be ranked below them in the sponsored listings.

The Solution

Before you begin to think about getting the traffic to your site, you should be looking at your site itself. Even going beyond SEM and SEO, if your site isn’t helpful or interesting enough, you could be getting all the targeted traffic in your industry and still be missing out on many potential buyers that were scared away by your site.

Targeted Traffic + High Conversions = Sales


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